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Instructors & Range Safety Officers



Owner, CEO, & Instructor

Eric was born and raised in a small Southern agricultural community. He comes from a long line of military war-fighters from UDT and SEALs to Intel. As a young man, he traveled on missions and humanitarian trips to Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the Yucatán. 


He joined the Marine Corps and served as a Reconnaissance and Intel Marine. He was stationed at 1st Reconnaissance BN and in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan. He operated on countless missions with one of the most elite units in the world.


After being injured in Afghanistan, he returned home, but his fighting spirit and desire to protect others was still very much alive. He joined the police department and worked his way from Patrolman to Drug Interdiction Traffic Unit to Sergeant of Investigations. He helped develop the SWAT team, on which he still serves today.


His passion has been and continues to be teaching what he has learned to military, law enforcement and civilians. Through Full-Tilt Tactical, he is bringing his knowledge, training, and experience to anyone who does not want to be a victim and would like to be prepared to defend themselves and others.



Business Partner & Instructor

Waylon is a local from Norman Park, GA, and lives there with his family. He is invested in his community as a Certified Volunteer Firefighter. Waylon is a businessman and is part owner of SWI-C&W Inc as well as part owner of Full-Tilt Tactical. 

A triathlete and certified diver, he enjoys extreme sports and nature in his free time. 

Waylon is an NRA Firearms Instructor, and he brings his love for learning and charismatic personality to Full-Tilt to make our range such a success.



Business Partner, Marketing/PR Director, & Instructor

Rachel is a Missionary Kid who calls Georgia 'home.' Having grown up in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, she understands the value of situational awareness, self-defense skills, and preparedness. She enjoys weightlifting, photography, competing in firearms competitions, creating and running businesses, and friends & family get-togethers. 

She is super proud of her fellow Full-Tilt Instructors and their years of real-life experience and service. And she wants to set an example for every citizen who values his/her 2nd Amendment rights and chooses to equip him/herself with self-defense firearms training.  Our nationally certified instructors are more than qualified to train you to Law Enforcement and Military standards. 




Jessica was born and raised in Cook County, Georgia, where she still resides today. At the age of 19, she enlisted in the Army as a Chemical Operations Specialist. She was stationed at Ft. Leonardwood, MO, and Ft. Benning, GA.

After returning home, she joined the police department in 2004 and worked her way up to the rank of Patrol Sergeant. Jessica became a POST Certified Firearms Instructor in 2019.

Now, through Full-Tilt Tactical, she is able to use her experience and training to help others become more knowledgeable on firearm's use and safety.

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