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This class is a women's only class that is designed to give you the confidence and training you need to never be a victim. This is a beginner class that will teach you the basic fundamentals. In this course we focus on pistol safety and proper shooting fundamentals. We cover beginner aspects such as stance, proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, recoil control, loading and unloading, and numerous other skills needed to begin shooting handguns confidently.

This course also aids students who are thinking of buying their first handgun. After learning the proper fundamentals and mechanics of a pistol, you will be better prepared when you enter gun stores. Don’t let the salesman talk you into a pistol that doesn’t work for you. Instead, go shopping with confidence knowing exactly what you want and need and how to actually use it.

Course Length: 4 hours


Age Requirements: 21 & Over
Note: 18 – 20 (MUST use the Full-Tilt provided pistols & ammunition and may not bring their own handguns to class!!!)*
Note: 13 – 17 (MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the entire class and may use either their parent's pistol or rent one from us.)*

*Age Waiver Form Required

Fee Schedule:

Class cost: $150, student brings pistol & ammunition*

If you do not have a pistol, we do have a selection for rent, and we have ammunition available for purchase.
Full-Tilt pistol rental - $15

Ammunition - available at market price

*To cancel your spot in the class and receive a 75% refund, you must notify us with a 48-hour notice before the start of class. Without a 48-hour notice, Full-Tilt will not issue a refund. 

What to Bring:

Pistol with at least 6 round capacity, unless using a revolver.

We suggest 100 rounds of ammunition.  

Eye and ear protection are required; we provide these if you don't have any. 

We offer free water, and you can bring snacks.


Wear proper clothing for the weather, no low-cut shirts or revealing clothing. Closed toe shoes must be worn, such tennis shoes or work boots.

Please feel free to call if you need more information, and we look forward to seeing you at the range.

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